Tips For Buying & Selling

Handy tips for selling


Handy tips for buying

1. Tidy your home – the less clutter there is the bigger your home looks

2. Clean your carpets

3. Make sure your home smells pleasant eg. Coffee, flowers, etc.

4. Keep pets hidden or take them out

5. If you are redecorating your home in order to sell, then light, neutral colours such as magnolia are more appealing

6. If you’re showing a potential buyer around make them feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t try to sell to them, your home will sell itself

7. If we are showing a potential buyer around, just relax and leave us to it

8. It’s handy if you have a list of frequently asked questions/answers available eg. Local authority / Council tax band and amount / suppliers of water, gas and electricity. If leasehold / length of lease / annual ground rent and maintenance costs / who is the freeholder and managing agent

9. Don’t discuss offers, your agent is the best person to negotiate on your behalf
  1. First of all – get your finances arranged, this will let you know your budget

2. Prioritise what you need from your home – eg. Parking, views, outside space, close to station, number of bedrooms/bathrooms.

3. Buy a map of the area you want to buy in and walk around the neighbourhood

4. Find out where your local amenities are eg. Bus stops, school, shops etc

5. Try to buy in the most expensive location you can afford – it is better to buy the worst property in the best road than the best property on the worst road

6. Look at as many properties that fit your criteria as possible (typically 5-10)

7. When looking at the properties make notes on the sales particulars, this will help you compare them later

8. When you find the right property don’t delay in making your offer – you may not be the only person interested in that property